Springs for porch swings, patio swings and springs for hammocks, springs with no tension loss.

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Why pay $34.95 + shipping on ebay for springs
or buy cheap j_nk springs which wear out in a year?
Purchase the best below
And, stop replacing your swing every 1 to 5 years
with an un-breakable Steel Swing

Not Breakable Cast Metal Ju_k Commercially Used in making Benches & Brackets, Sold by All Retailers
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Save up to 70% NOW!
On selected swings
Best springs for swings or hammocks, no need for pads or cushions, they're comfortable enough for your leisure living.
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Made in America

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Torch cutting The old fashion way 3 rocker designs Extensive cleaning Detailed cleaning all edges smooth

Rocking chairs
Come in Nautical, Eagle, and Deer Designs.
Brackets come in all theme designs.

Steel eagle bracket  Unbreakable brackets  Ornamental brackets
no springs
American artisan

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1 Heavy-Duty Spring
Price $18.00
For single swing chair
Details about the springs
2 Heavy-Duty springs
Price $32.00
Standard Set
Great for 4 & 6 foot swings

4 Heavy-Duty springs
Price $58.39  2 sets
For you, your family,
friends & loved ones

4 springs 4 plates
Price $69.49
For heavy 8 foot swings

Last plates sold to LA
Plates Discontinued
hand a swingwith steel support brackets   Porch swing
How long will tiny, wooden threads support you? . . Think!
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Receive an e-mail invoice after ordering, another one with your tracking numbers
when your springs ship, generally within 7 days by U.S. Postal Priority Mail

We take the time to ship your springs
individually wrapped to prevent from scratching
Other sellers don't!

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Best porch swings. Best springs.Fantasy Steel Studio
1139 MeHaffey Road
Knoxville, TN 37931
Phone: 1-865-945-3664
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Featured in May/June 2003 Issue
"From House To Home"

      The Swing-Mate™ is a barrel-shaped extension spring specially designed for comfort. The spring is manufactured from .218 diameter heavy-duty music wire and heavily zinc plated for rust resistance, 2" in diameter and 8.5 inches long with a weight capacity of 600 pounds each.   2 springs are great for 4' and 6' wide swings, and
They make great gifts too!   :)

      The Swing-Mate™ is designed to fit between the main support device and the equipment chain. This helps reduce the shock stress to support structures and creates a whole new "feel". The Swing-Mate™ is primarily designed for use with porch swings and hammocks.
Free with purchase of any swing from
  Fantasy Steel Studio  @   www.fantasysteel.com.

The Swing-Mate™ is very easily and safely installed using the installation instructions enclosed
with every set of springs.

Give your old swing a new "feel", try Swing-Mate™
Springs for hammocks and porch swing comfort without a need for pads or cushions to mildew and rot.


Only needed for extra
large, heavy 8 ft. swings.

Springs Swing-Mate and Swing-Mate Buddy Springs Swing-Mate and Swing-Mate Buddy

Order Springs Now !
Swing-Mate™ Buddy

The Swing-Mate™ Buddy is a necessary companion
to the Swing-Mate™ when used on big oversized
porch swings, large hammocks, etc.

The zinc plated steel plates are designed
to allow the springs to be paired which doubles capacity.

All installation and safety
instructions relating to the Swing-Mate™ apply.
Photo shows Swing-Mate™ and Swing-Mate™ Buddy
assembled together as for 2 springs
and 2 plates for each side.

Swing-Mate Buddy
Discontinued item

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Art swings above

Built from true quality U.S. materials to help support American jobs
and to insure the finest in American made highest quality, far beyond standards !

Strongest and most durable swings

( FantasySteel© ) America's Name Brand for unbreakable decorative steel furniture!!!
Designing & Building Functional Steel Artistry since 1969

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