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Build your own A frame for half price
horse swing
A frame plans for all the cheap, and
the expensive disposable swings.
Need a swing? let a professional
build you one from U.S. steel and
never replace your swing again.
Made in America
3 rocker designs
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Swings and springs both American made

American made art deco swings
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Handcrafted steel furniture

      Heavy Duty 4" X 4" Bolt together A-Frame for Swings
      For the same price or less, than buying one, half as strong. We only recommend these frames to be used with the commonly found throw away one year old warranted swings, not to be used with something you want to keep. Nothing man-made stands up to nature's temperature changes, direct sun's UV rays, and rain, not even concrete, in total exposure over time. River rocks become smooth by the wear and tear from water running over them.

      Plastic breaks down and becomes brittle from the sun's UV rays and wood, if not sealed properly, decays from weather regardless of what type of wood it is, and if placed on the ground, microorganisms have lunch. If primed and painted with a flexible enamel paint this frame should last more than twenty years outdoors, and since most treated lumber is treated using arsenic poison, priming with Kilz primer and painting it with enamel will seal it.   If water doesn't bead up on it like a freshly waxed car, it's not sealing. This drawing is for the swing width we build, so depending on the width of your porch swing, you would just add one foot for a five foot swing or two foot for a six foot swing, and so on.

A-frame for swings

Beveled cuts from end

Detail view

Detail view

Porch Frame Plans
Makes your porch roof stronger too

pogota shelter

A-frame kit
For A-frame stiffening, to make sturdy. Designed for the frame on this page ONLY! Not for straight leg frames that fall over left or right.
$39.95 for this set of heavy-duty brackets
All bracket hardware included
Not breakable castings or the thin deck brackets.

A-Frame bracket kit

A $16 shipping fee applies
to all orders under $75

See countertop and shelf brackets HERE

A-frame and porch frame brackets

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Made in America

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Made in America

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Built from true quality U.S. materials to help support American jobs
and to insure the finest in American made highest quality, far beyond standards !

Strongest and most durable swings

( FantasySteel© ) America's Name Brand for unbreakable decorative steel furniture!!!
Designing & Building Functional Steel Artistry since 1969

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