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Western art made in America
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Cabin furnishings for the deer hunters wife
Western Art Stagecoach Swing
Western art for both of you.
Copyright titled  "Around The Bend"

      No simple made wagon wheel furniture here. Western art in this stagecoach swing. Western stagecoach lines were established in colonial America in the 1750's, they carried passengers and mail between American cities in the late 1700's and early 1800's.  In this swing the lead horse is reared up and stopped from either outlaws, a snake, or a canyons edge.

      The early American stagecoach lines traveled at about ten miles per hour and operated chiefly between Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.  In 1785, Congress began mail service by stagecoach.  Later, stagecoach lines operated in the western areas, but the railroads gradually replaced stagecoaches, except in remote regions.
Custom furniture in horse design
      If you don't have a porch we have an alternative for a small shelter built with our pagoda roof brackets at a fraction of the cost of a small gazebo and much stronger too.

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Stainless Steel supports under wood ensures safety for decades!!!
This beautiful swing is the perfect companion to the horse swing
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